Chuck D and Jay-Z

Legendary MC Chuck D made an unlikely show of support for Jay-Z recently, telling online radio show host Eric B that he loves 'The Blueprint 3,' and considers Jay to be a new man at this point in his career.

"On Jay-Z -- quote me on this -- Jay-Z is the Rookie of the Year in 2009," the Public Enemy leader began. "You want to know why? Because at age 40, he is just getting started ... He is simply forwarding the art form. Just imagine if he decided to pick up two more languages to add to his craft. He is number one."

Though Jay hasn't actually turned 40 yet (his birthday is in December), the accolades are surprising coming from someone like Chuck, who is known for his controversial anti-mainstream sentiments.

In response to rappers like Gucci Mane, who questioned MTV ranking Jay as 'Hottest MC in the Game,' Chuck defended Hov, saying. "Jay-Z's just getting started. Gucci Mane, he'd be better off jumping in a swimming pool with a plugged-in toaster."

To sum up his support for rap's reigning king, Mista Chuck concluded, "The only thing what will make Jay-Z totally untouchable, would be if he learned another language."

While we're not entirely sure how rapping in, say, German would help Jigga, but we find Chuck D's comments amusing, to say the least.

Public Enemy are currently working on their 11th studio album, which is being 100% funded by their fans.