This year has been full of ups and downs for Christina Milian, but after reaching a settlement in her divorce from ex-husband The-Dream, the 28-year-old has started work on a new album. During her quickie marriage to Dream, the singer was working on the album 'Elope,' which was to be produced by her ex and his music partner Tricky Stewart. Since the split, that has all changed, and now Milian is looking to take things in a different direction.

"Young, fun, sexy and very honest," Milian told The BoomBox of her new album's sound. "I feel I've gotten to a space in my life where I can be very honest with people, so I like to do that through music." During her rough personal year, Milian credits her family as the source of her strength, and helping her to heal and get back into the swing of things on a business level. "I'm just focused on my baby right now and doing what I love. My beautiful daughter, she's my inspiration."

After marrying last year, and welcoming their daughter Violet in February, the twosome called it quits in July, amidst rumors of Dream's infidelity. Although he has never admitted to being unfaithful, Milian noted his cheating in her divorce paperwork, and also contested the terms of their prenuptial agreement, which she said she signed while pregnant and claimed to not be in the proper emotional state to decipher the agreement.

Milian's fourth studio album is due out next year. Only one track, 'Us Against the World,' surfaced from the 'Elope' album. Released in 2008, the single was written by Milian and produced by Madd Scientist.

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