In this week's round-up of The Top Five Tweets of the Week celebs weigh inLil' Kim's release of a new track dissin' Nicki Minaj titled 'Black Friday.' As #BlackFriday heats up the 'Net and lands a spot as one of Friday's Trending Topics on Twitter, see what rapper Joe Budden, blogger Perez Hilton and radio host Charlamagne Tha God had to say about the track. Foxy Brown decided to respond to Nicki Minaj's statement that she and Foxy had a conversation about Lil' Kim. And lastly, R&B singer Christina Milian lashes out about the media reporting about her divorce settlement with producer/singer The-Dream.

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1. @perezhilton (Perez Hilton): @NickiMinaj Kim is being desperate now! That's not a cute look on her! Basic! #BlackFriday

2. @cthagod (Charlamange Tha God): If you really think Lil Kim 'Black Friday' freestyle is dope then you the person who still tips the old stripper in the club.

3. @FoxDonDiva (Foxy Brown): For the record..."Nikki and I never had that conversation, ever.

4. @JoeBudden: No disrespect to Kim. but some1 needs to tell her enough is enough.

5. @CMilianOfficial (Christina Milian): This ridiculous rumor bout divorce settlement has gotten way outta hand. Real journalist should be ashamed of getting "news" from blogs! And not doing proper research into what is the truth. Especially paying attention to the source of where it started ... that's more hilarious.