Chris Rock makes a cameo at the end of Kanye West's 'Blame Game' off the rapper's upcoming album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' but Rock isn't just stopping there. The comedian just finished narrating Busta Rhymes' upcoming album 'Extinction Level Event 2,' with the rapper taking to his Twitter account to post a picture of them in the studio and share the good news.

"YEEEESSSSSSSSSS album almost DONE!!!@ChrisRock JUST FINISHED NARRATING MY WHOLE ALBUM!!!Krrraaaazzzzyyyyy!!!!" tweeted Bus-A-Bus.

According to the update, the Flipmode Squad chief is nearing completion on the album, previously titled 'The Chemo.' Back in May, Busta announced that he changed the name of the LP to make his ninth solo album a sequel to his 1998 release 'E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front.'

Putting in work on 'E.L.E. 2' with producers Boi-1da and DJ Premier, Busta is gearing up to release the album on his own imprint Conglomerate Music. The 38-year-old New York native previously announced that the album would hit stores this past July, but is the album is currently without a release date.

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