Singer Chris Brown was recently put on probation for assaulting his ex, Rihanna. Less than 24 hours after his sentencing, Brown landed himself in trouble again and may not be able to avoid jail time. Brown's sentence in the Rihanna case included an order that he maintain a certain distance from his victim, and that he "abstain from the use of all alcoholic beverages and stay out of places where they are the chief item of sale."

But what did the 20-year-old do just hours after his sentencing? He hit Los Angeles nightclub Guys & Dolls, performing a dance number to a Michael Jackson tune, in front of the entire venue.

The club holds a Type 48 liquor license, meaning that no one under the age of 21 can legally enter the club unless they have been hired as a performer. Of course the club claims Brown's appearance was scheduled, but the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control insists that underage performers are required by law to stay in an alcohol-free area. Brown was seen drinking water the entire night, but his table ordered ten bottles of champagne.A spokeswoman for the L.A. Probation Department claimed Brown's violation of his probation "won't be taken lightly."

We're not sure how Chris Brown's management could have had such a lapse in judgment, but it looks like their client will be facing a real sentence this time.

"Any time you break the law, you're in violation," the Probation Dept. spokeswoman stated.