Chris Brown is once again making headlines for a Twitter-related misstep, although this time it appears it is truly not his fault.

On Tuesday, the R&B singer, known for his impertinent Twitter posts and Michael Jackson worship alike, was the subject of several extremely irreverent tweets made by his mother, Joyce Hawkins.

Despite Brown's recent tribute to the late King of Pop, his mother thought it appropriate to celebrate her son's talent by proclaiming that Jackson died to make room for his career, tweeting "Michael Jackson died so that Chris Brown could live!!!"

In a statement released yesterday, and over several subsequent tweets, Brown's mother apologized for her error, explaining that she had meant no harm and was simply attempting to pay respect to Jackson's legacy.

"I'm so sorry that the tweet I sent yesterday was misunderstood. What I meant to say is that Chris has always been inspired by Michael Jackson's music and his career," she tweeted. "I'm sorry I offended anyone. The statement meant Chris would carry on Michaels [sic] legacy."

We're not sure why Brown's mother would have imagined that such a statement would remotely be considered appropriate, but judging from Brown's similar Twitter gaffes, it's safe to say it runs in the family.

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