Chris Brown has some relentless stans. A trespasser made her way into the "Zero" singer's Woodland Hills mansion on Tuesday (Dec. 22).

According to TMZ, 27-year-old woman entered Breezy home around 5PM after driving in while waiting until someone left through the electric gate. Although security asked her to leave she refused and was later arrested for criminal trespassing.

Authorities say Brown was home during the whole ordeal but wasn't seen outside of the mansion. Apparently, the woman has appeared at the singer's home before but this time she was extremely aggressive.

This isn't the first time that the 26-year-old singer's home was broken into by a crazed fan. Back in May, a 21-year-old woman from Tunisia broke into his home with the belief that she was Brown's wife. While she was inside the home, she spray-painted "Mrs. Brown" on his cars and in the house. It appeared that she stayed in his home for two days before Breezy found her naked in his bed.

Two months later, in July, the same Woodland Hills mansion was hit by three robbers who held Brown's aunt at gunpoint and stole $50,000 worth in cash and property.

We don't know why people want to visit Chris Brown's house so much but think it's time that Brown move or invest in better security.

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