Kevin McCall, who appeared on Chris Brown's "Deuces" in 2010 and used to be signed to Brown's label, Chris Brown Entertainment, was recently interviewed on Hollywood Unlocked. The singer/songwriter talked about what went down between him and Brown.

Back in March, after McCall requested a business meeting with Brown via Twitter, Breezy offered a lengthy, threatening response on Instagram, calling on his gang affiliations. Then, just this past May, McCall and Brown were at it again on Twitter, with Brown seeming to meddle in the affairs of McCall and the mother of his child, Eva Marcille.

“Whoever want a fade, come get it. Don’t send threats no more on IG, though. Let’s link up in person,” McCall said. “I don’t know why all these light skin n—-z wanna be bad on IG. Catch the fade and let’s keep it pushing.”

When fans addressed McCall constantly feuding with Brown, the singer-songwriter responded, “When I no longer have any ties to @chrisbrown I’ll chill. He stole from two babies and stole from me HE knows that. Fade and paperwork?”

McCall's most recent interview clears the air a little about how things went sour.

“He got on that bullsh-t, yeah, yeah,” McCall sings in the interview, referencing “No Bullsh-t.”

But McCall does say he needs to change the narrative because he's not exactly a victim, though he does still feel as though his friendship with Brown was taken advantage of.

“To make the long story short, paperwork wasn’t legit and I kinda blame that on myself," the Los Angeles singer said in the interview. "I kinda have to change the narration that I’ve been giving. It’s not a ‘woe is me’ story. I signed it, but at the same time, it would be like me bringing my partner in here and saying, ‘Look, you trust me, right? Sign this.’ That’s kinda what happened.”

After being asked, McCall also denounced Breezy's alleged affiliation with the Bloods, saying it's not cool to glorify gang life when people are dying.

“You gotta pay to play. I guess they’re paying to do something," he said of entertainers who claim to be affiliated. "When you get homeboys that get shot and you get guns put on you this week and you get daughters, two daughters, the shit ain’t cute. It’s stupid.”

You can watch McCall's full video interview above.


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