Chris Brown's superhero saga continues in his latest visual for "Wrist," which follows his previously released video for "Back to Sleep."

In this clip, a mysterious woman blows fuchsia dust in Brown's face and walks away as he scrambles to keep himself standing. Solo Lucci kicks off the song off with some subtle rhymes. "My wrist 'bout 30 below, why would I be worried 'bout hoes?" he raps. The video then shows Breezy in an alleyway still struggling to sort himself out as six men in all black approach him from behind. But they're not there to attack. Instead, the group break into a choreographed dance steps with the 26-year-old singer in the lead.

The "Look at Me Now" crooner makes sure viewers look at the flick of his wrist -- and the expensive watch on it -- as he sings about pouring champagne (and actually pours champagne) and shows off a few more dance moves.

In the next scene, Breezy looks drugged out on a chair as the mysterious woman dances in circles around him in what appears to be a replica of Usher's solo dance moves in the "Yeah" video.

Finally, while serenading the crooner, the woman takes out a knife and attempts to slice him. But Breezy is too quick and suddenly their spots are reversed and she's handcuffed to the chair. Then, Breezy walks away.

Chris Brown's album, Royalty, is set to drop on Friday (Dec. 18). Check out the visual above.

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