It's been a crazy two years for Chris Brown, and while the singer continues to get his career back on track, he has some interesting advice for himself: be more selfish. In an interview with Page Six Magazine, the 21-year-old revealed that years in the entertainment industry has hardened his perception and that if he could, he would go back in time and caution his younger self.

"This kind of sounds bad, but initially, be more selfish," he said. "When I first came into the industry, I was more open. I thought everybody was my friend, and it was like Wonderland. I was in the industry without a care, because it's so fun, and there's money and everything. But you need to protect yourself."

Brown -- who releases his fourth studio album, 'F.A.M.E.,' next week -- has fought hard to climb his way back to the top of the charts, once dominated by his music. Following his assault on former girlfriend, Rihanna, back in 2009, his dream not only came crashing down, but many of his musical peers turned their backs as he has struggled to make the right moves to change his negative public perception. "When [most] people see certain things happen to somebody, they usually turn away," he explained. "They don't want to get involved with it because they don't want their name attached to anything negative. Unknowingly, they kind of show their true colors when they do that. But you can't blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don't want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.""People kind of get clouded, and then when they get up to the top, they kind of lose a bit of themselves and they're not as humble. So knowing how it can be taken away and given back and taken away again, it kind of just taught me to be focused," he said.

Despite apologizing for the incident several times, both to the public and RiRi, the Virginia native seemed to finally soften the hearts of the public following an emotional Michael Jackson tribute performance at last year's BET Awards. Although some critics lauded Brown, accusing him of breaking into tears to gain sympathy, the singer maintained that his emotions were genuine. Flash forward almost one year later and Brown has successfully completed his probation obligations, and has been allowed to be in close proximity to his ex. As far as the music industry goes, the tide has also changed for Brown, who netted Grammy nominations, and No. 1 hit with the song 'Dueces' off his 'Fan of a Fan' mixtape. Unfortunately, his comeback hasn't been without a few bizarre moves that have left the public scratching their heads. One week after debuting a new platinum blond hairdo, a nude photo of the singer mysteriously found its way to the 'Net.

In the aftermath of all that he's been through,e Brown reflected on what he has learned. "People are always gonna talk. But I'm in a positive place. I consider myself a grown-ass man. And at the end of the day, if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I'm gonna look like a damn fool."

Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' album drops March 18. Earlier today the Colin Tilley-directed video for the album's single 'Look At Me Now,' leaked. The song debuted at No.11 on the singles chart and featured Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.

Watch Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now' feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
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