Chris Brown is branching out from music to art, and he's taking it very seriously. The R&B crooner, who recently debuted a new bleached blonde hairdo, treated his over 1 million Twitter followers to a few pictures of his latest pieces on Tuesday (March 1).

The first picture features a photo of the back of a topless woman, possibly Brown's new girlfriend, with a graffiti filled background under the moniker 'Falling in Love.' The second picture, titled 'Shadow Walker,' showcases a super hero theme, while the third, 'Dream Date,' shows the same woman from the first piece.

Breezy has long been interested in art, announcing last year that he wanted to launch a graffiti art movement. "I fell in love with art around the age of six. I always took pride in kind of winning the coloring contests in school," he said during a visit to a New York art show. "Art was my only outlet. Aside from music, art is the thing that I like to escape. And I appreciate other artists who have that talent and that eye for detail and eye for their own imagination. Art is a part of my life and it influences me completely."

After a rocky road back to the top of the music game, the Virginia native is getting ready for his fourth album, 'F.A.M.E.' The album, which boasts a colorful self-portrait as the cover art, drops March 18.

Watch Chris Brown's 'Yeah 3x'
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