In this week's round-up of The Top Five Tweets of The Week after a highly publicized fight on twitter with B2K member Raz B, Chris Brown makes a New Year's Resolution to keep quiet, and Raz B apologizes for sparking the fight. Foxy Brown responds to false reports that she was dropping a new Lil' Kim dis record, Kanye West gives his insight for 2011, and Jay Electronica responds to rumors he joined the Illuminati.

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1. @chrisbrown (Chris Brown): Since new years is coming up my resolution is to shut the hell up and and vomit on every track I touch!!! #tiredofplayinggames!!!

2. @razb2k (Raz B): twitter is a place to have fun.. I had my opinion ..i apologize 4 pulling @ChrisBrown into it.. so stop wit the hate messages. I'm Sorry @ChrisBrown

3. @FoxyDonDiva (Foxy Brown): If yall dont hear it from a MARCHAND (Inga, Gavin or Anton) its bullshit! NO... I am NOT droppin' a single called "rough whatever" Jan 1st or never!!

4. @kanyewest (Kanye West): New dreams... New problems... New solutions

5. @JayElectronica (Jay Electronica): I'm noT just IN the Illuminati, I am the Leader! #YouAreAllMyChildrenNow! MWUHUHUHUHHAHAHAHHAHHAAH...Ok this is my last 1: (tweet) to all you illuminati experts and YouTube converts what are you gonna do about it anyway? Nothing? Ok shut the f--- up