After performing the new single off his 'Fortune' LP, 'Turn Up the Music,' at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday (Feb. 12), Chris Brown delivers the the visuals for the electro-tinged track.

In the clip, directed by Godfrey Tabarez and co-directed by Brown, the Virginia native appears slumped over on a street corner with a brown paper bag in hand as he takes sips of an alcoholic beverage inside. He hails a cab, which is floating in air, but the R&B crooner is oblivious to the peculiarity underneath the vehicle.

When he gets inside, he commands the driver to take him to the "best spot in town," but he misinterprets what Breezy says and instead turns the music up and looks to the back of the car with an animal mask on.

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Brown exits the cab and begins an evening of all-out dancing alongside partygoers dressed in every kind of animal mask imaginable. He hits the street with some moves and finds a hotspot, where he engages in fancy footwork inspired by the late great Michael Jackson.

There's mid-air flips, a shirtless Chris Brown giving a peek at his tattoos and dancing in the rain.

Watch Chris Brown's 'Turn Up the Music' Video