Chris Brown and Big Sean rapped together on Breezy's new mixtape. Fun! "When Big Sean came in and heard me rap. I was kind of almost intimidated, because I thought this dude was probably going to think I was wack, because I'm not really amongst the rapper alumni," Brown revealed. "He was just like, 'Dawg, you can rap!' From there, I just tried to have fun. I don't consider myself a rapper, I just try to have fun with it." Dawg, Chris Brown can definitely not rap. [Rap-Up]

Christina Milian recently addressed the rumors regarding the terms of her divorce from The-Dream, gag order and purported $4 million settlement. "I have no idea where that rumor came from, and it's completely a rumor," the singer/actress/etc said. "Everything about that it is all fictitious. I'm completely allowed to speak about anything that I want to. Except the settlement, we do choose to not make that public." Sure. [WendyWiliams]