TMZ reports that Chris Brown is being sued again for the shooting at 1Oak Club back in 2014.

Ginja Elms filed suit, claiming that he was shot because of Brown's gang ties, which ultimately led to the shooting. This is the same incident where Suge Knight was shot seven times (he has also filed a similar lawsuit). Elms says that the nightclub was well aware of Brown's gang affiliation, and therefore, everybody should've been patted down that night, including celebrities.

But Elms isn't stopping there. He's also suing Pia Mia, who hosted the event at the club with Brown that night. Elms claims that aside from the gunshot wound, he's suffered "disruption in his relationship with his wife." All in all, he's suing for more than $750,000.

Although Elms believes it's Brown gang-affiliations that cause him to get caught in the shooting, Brown's former artist, singer Kevin McCall recently denounced his gang-ties. In an interview last month, McCall basically said it's not cool for Breezy to say he's affiliated when so many people die needlessly due to gang violence.

“You gotta pay to play. I guess they’re paying to do something,” McCall said of entertainers who claim to be affiliated. “When you get homeboys that get shot and you get guns put on you this week and you get daughters, two daughters, the shit ain’t cute. It’s stupid.”

Brown has not yet responded to news of the latest lawsuit.


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