It's become quite clear that Chris Brown has had some trouble getting his career back on track since his infamous assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna last year, but the Virginia native keeps digging himself into a deeper hole.

Brown was scheduled to make a promotional appearance at Virginia's Q94 WRVQ radio station this week to promote his upcoming Haiti benefit concert in Richmond on May 15. But before the interview could get under way, Brown's anger got the best of him and things quickly went sour.

Radio personality, Kash, explained that Brown was immediately annoyed when he realized the station did not have any of his songs on heavy rotation. "Chris Brown was going to come in today to do an interview to promote his concert. But before we could even get into the interview, homeboy starts yelling at me, wondering why we don't play his records," Kash said. "And I said, 'Mr. Chris Brown ... you just don't have any hits and that's just the truth." From there the conversation, which Kash recorded and can be heard here, went south. "All I'm saying is that you don't play my s---," Brown confronted Kash. "Why am I even doing this interview? I ain't doing this s---," he said before ending the conversation abruptly.

Brown's struggle with airplay has been a recurring theme in recent months. In March, he begged fans to request his songs on their local stations, as he struggled to get his music heard again. Kash, who said that he received multiple apologetic phone calls from Jive Records following the incident, later released a statement on his Twitter account, explaining that he did not tamper with the recording of Brown that he played back to audiences. "For the record, my interview with Chris Brown was posted with the entire amount of audio I got minus dead air, I tightened it up for radio play," he said. "Apparently blogs are thinking I edited it to make homeboy look like a d-----, but no editing can create that level of d-----baggery."

Chris Brown is scheduled to take the stage for his Haiti benefit concert in Richmond, Virginia on May 15. He will be joined by Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, T-Pain, Juelz Santana, Mario and Ryan Leslie.