Chris Brown is up to his old tricks again: releasing songs about Rihanna. Although Brown hasn't officially stated that his new track 'Famous Girl' is about his now dilapidated relationship with the pop star, the lyrics pretty much speak for themselves. "Since I thought I found my woman," he swings in the chorus. "There were other guys who thought the same thing about it/ Like damn, you let me down, down, down/ 'Cause you're famous, girl, for breaking hearts."

Brown also namechecks some of the hottest R&B and hip-hop tracks of the past two years in his lyrics."Live your life, take T-I-M-E," he sings "Day and night, just like you're Cudi/You think of me, you will," he says referencing the Kid Cudi track 'Day 'N' Nite' and Rihanna's chorus on T.I.'s 'Live Your Life'

If that wasn't enough Brown also addresses Rihanna's rumored relationship with rapper Drake. "Drake would say that you're the best he's ever had/Rumors come and go but you keep your shadow/Everywhere you go it follows/ Can't understand I still love you," Brown goes on to admit to his infidelity and even compares their relationship to the titles of R&B songs by Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole and Beyonce. "Keri would've said my love knocks her down/Keyshia would've told me I was sent from heaven/ Sorry, B, I don't wear no halo/You were first to play the game though."
Brown then shouts out his own tune 'Forever' and 'Disturbia,' the song he co-wrote with Rihanna, while apologizing for his infidelity. "Sorry I bust the windows out your car/I might have cheated in the beginning/I was wrong for writing 'Disturbia'/But I meant it in 'Forever'/We were supposed to be together and I can't let you go."

This isn't the first time Brown has reached out to Rihanna via song. Leading up to the announcement of his third album 'Graffiti,' more than a few "suspicious" tracks hit the net. The 20-year-old later denied that the songs' subject matter had to do with his personal life. Brown will appear on the ABC's '20/20' Friday (Dec. 4) to talk about their relationship and the beating. 'Graffiti' hits stores Dec. 8.