After all the pushbacks and delays, Chris Brown has been officially sentenced to five years felony probation and 180-days of community labor, for his assault on R&B/pop diva Rihanna. The 20-year-old faced Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg Tuesday afternoon, instead of his previously scheduled hearing for Thursday. Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos requested the reschedule but did not give a reason as to why.

Dressed in a light gray suit, Brown stood in court alongside his attorney Geragos. He was ordered to report to the probation department within 72 hours so that me may begin his community service, which he will complete in his home state of Virginia. Additionally, Brown must also enroll in domestic violence classes in Richmond, Virginia.

In light of rumors of a possible reconciliation between the former lovebirds, the judge reiterated to Brown that coming in close proximity to one another, outside of industry related events, is a violation of his probation. "I am not immune from the chatter that has been on the airwaves," she warned. "Any violation of this protective order is a violation of your probation."The hearing concluded as Brown told the judge that he understood the parameters by which he is to begin serving his sentence.

"We feel that the sentence for Mr. Brown is an equitable one," said Los Angeles D.A. public information officer, Sandi Gibbons. "It is now in his [Brown's] hands, he has control of his faith." Gibbons also explained that Brown's community labor must be something done "visibly in his community," such as graffiti removal or washing cars. "This is not something that is a slap on the wrist," she continued. "If he violates his probation, the judge has made it clear that she will consider sending him to prison. We're talking hard time in state prison. Probably at least three years, but I'm not 100 percent on that."

Rihanna was not present for the sentencing, but her lawyer Donald Etra spoke on her behalf, informing reporters that his client was in agreement court imposed sentence. When asked of the former couple's current personal relationship, Etra stated that he would not answer such inquiries.

"I've never discussed their personal relationship and will not do so today," he said. Etra did however state that Rihanna, born Robyn Fenty, is aware of the necessary steps needed should she choose to modify the protective order, prohibiting Brown from coming within 100 yards of her for the next five years. "If and when any modification is going to be sought Rihanna knows what she is going to do at that time," he said. Etera concluded by stating that his client was doing "fine," pursuing her career, and appreciative of the support of friends, family and fans.

The 'Run It' singer was arrested in February for attacking Rihanna following a verbal disagreement as the two left a Grammy part for entertainment executive Clive Davis. Since the incident the two have ended their relationship and are both currently working on new albums.

Brown is due back in court on Nov. 19.