Chris Brown is adding philosopher to his list of talents. The "Liquor" singer shared his stream of consciousness about following your dreams and doing what makes you happy with his Twitter followers Sunday night (Nov. 22).

"When you are angry, judgmental, racist, depressed, and you make a choice based on that, it's usually becuz of fear," he tweeted. "As people we are supposed to experience all these emotions so we learn from them. It's ok to be afraid. It's ok to be who you are. That is what makes you YOU. Faith and hope are sometimes misused by greed and envy. LOVE is the goal!"

That seemed to be the complete message Brown wanted to get out but three hours later at around 1:30 a.m. he was back to continue spewing more of his thoughts. For one, he has "money, cars and fame" but that's not important to him.

"I stand for the black male stereotype and hold it proudly. Becuz I'm able to connect with the people society doesn't give a f--- about," the Royalty creator tweeted. "I'm here to show any race that you are strong and beautiful. Struggle is growth, PAIN is growth," he continued before adding that #alllivesmatter.

Breezy seems to be growing up -- something we all can be proud of him for -- especially when he drops a few gems of advice that can be applied to everyone for inspiration.

"You can be whatever you wanna be. And don't let the fear from others make you question or doubt your inner light. Ok I'm done," Brown wrote, ending on a positive note.

Check out Chris Brown's words of wisdom below.

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