Chris Brown Chris Brown is still not over Rihanna. No surprise there, but the 20-year-old put his emotions on blast by posting a video montage of the two via his Twitter page. "Sorry ya'll but I had to post it," he wrote in all caps. "For the fellas: showing emotion doesn't make u weak... Being honest makes u strong."

The nearly three-minute video shows clips of the two both performing together and just hanging out, while Brown's song 'The Way We Used To Be,' plays in the background. "Have you ever been tired of people been asking 'how you doin'?' and I say 'I'm taking it day by day,'" he croons. "Everywhere I go I feel like people laughing/I'm so stupid because I let my good girl get away."

Although we're not sure if the song is a literal account of feelings towards Rihanna, we hope that some of it is exaggerated. If not, he may be breaking the stay away order, barring him from contacting the 'Umbrella' singer. "My life ain't got no better/ so you must not have gotten my letter," he sings. "So starting today I'mma admit my mistakes/whatever you want to say, baby I'm listening/because I know....I know that I hurt you and I don't deserve you/you say its hurting but no/I just want one more give me and encore don't walk out the door baby."

While Brown keeps dropping sappy love songs about his relationship status, Rihanna is taking a darker approach. The singer kicked off the countdown to her album release with the single 'Russian Roulette,' in which she talks about a volatile relationship yet its nowhere near as pleasant as her ex's offerings. "You can see my heart beating, you can see it through my chest/ I'm terrified, but I'm not leaving/ I know that I must pass this test," she sings. "So just pull the trigger."

No doubt these two are becoming veterans at generating press but at what cost? Following his February assault on Rihanna, Brown was slapped with five years probation, six months of community labor, must complete a domestic violence course, and is to stay at least 50 yards from his ex-girlfriend. During his sentencing the judge warned that should he violate his probation (which can be done by contacting Rihanna) she would consider sentencing him to prison.

'Graffitti' hits stores and online retailers in December while Rihanna's 'Russian Roulette,' is slated for release on November 23.