Today (Sept. 16) was the first day of Chris Brown's 180-day community service sentence. Fans and "followers" were alerted that the 20-year old singer was beginning his labor sentence when he tweeted "On my way to community service," for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna in February. Photos of Brown in his orange safety vest leaked by midday, and Brown played along by tweeting a photo of himself, picking up trash, with the heading "CHECK OUT MY OUTFIT."

The 'Run It' singer will be continuing community service requirement for the next 6 months in Richmond, Virginia. He also received five years probation, one year of domestic-violence counseling and is not allowed to be within 10 yards of Rihanna at any time for the next five years.

Brown appears to be taking his sentence seriously, he's been quite active on his Twitter account, posting photos of t-shirts that read "Stop Teen Violence" and encouraging his fans to "Be a leader."

Check out more photos of Brown performing his community service here.

A spokesperson for the Richmond Sheriff's office had no comment about the photos or the nature of Brown's service for the remaining 179 days.