Pop sensation Chris Brown recently admitted to witnessing and experiencing abuse for six years of his childhood, according to I'mNotObsessed.com.

"I don't want to mention the person's name -- it wasn't my real father -- but somebody hurt my mom and me, I had to deal with that from seven all the way to 13," Brown confessed. "It affected me, especially [my behavior] towards women -- I treat them differently. I don't want to put a woman through the same thing that person put my mom through."

It's not clear what sparked the singer/dancer's announcement, but Brown is not shying away from expressing the effect the abuse had on him.

"I was scared and timid when I was little. I used to pee in my bed... I think it was me being nervous, and scared to get up [out of bed] and see what was going on," Brown said. "My mom used to try and hide it from me and my sister, but we knew. Anybody that's going through it, just try to deal with it, talk it out."