There's good news for Chris Brown fans. After releasing several rap tracks, the crooner has returned to his roots with new ballad, 'Open Road (I Love Her),' which just hit the 'net.

Breezy pours his heart out over the maudlin, Irish tin whistle melody provided by Battleroy, entreating his sweetheart to take him back, after wronging her for the last time.

"I should've been a better man/ Instead of wasting time/ Spending my life searching for the finer things," the troubled singer intones. "You always gave me another chance/ To make it right/ But I didn't deserve it/ Because I didn't understand."

The bad news, however, is that, due to the leak, the slow jam will likely not be included in Brown's upcoming album 'Fortune'. "If the whole song doesn't leak then it's going on fortune!" Brown tweeted.

We're not actually sure that's bad news, though -- just means more Breezy ballads for fans.

Meanwhile, Brown has just announced that he'll be touring with Kelly Rowland this fall, and will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Open Road (I Love Her)'