Infamously embattled actress, Lindsay Lohan, asked out infamously embattled singer, Chris Brown, via Twitter, on Sunday (Aug. 28).

LiLo, 25, has her sights set on C-Breezy, 22, if her post-MTV VMAs tweets are any indication. Following Chris Brown's elaborately choreographed VMA performance, during which he flew and flipped through the air, Lindsay took to her Twitter page to let it be known that she was impressed with what she saw.

"@ChrisBrown killed it. #MTVVMAs," she tweeted on Sunday night, a tweet which Brown then retweeted. Monday (Aug. 29), Lindsay sent Chris a follow-up tweet, asking "@chrisbrown wanna meet?" Brown posted no response to Lohan on his Twitter page.

Breezy remains on probation and under a restraining order for his 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna, and executed further violent outbursts on such occasions as his notorious chair-hurling appearance on 'Good Morning America' back in March.

These days, Lohan is known more for her trips in and out of rehab and prison for her hard-partying ways, and for her inappropriately sexy courtroom couture, than for her acting. She recently made headlines for a lawsuit she filed, aimed at rapper Pitbull, who included "disparaging" and "defamatory" lines in his hit 'Give Me Everything' about the actress.

Do you think Chris and Lindsay should hook up, or is this a drama-filled disaster waiting to happen?