Chris BrownSinger Chris Brown found himself in the middle of a little Twitter scandal last night, when he began tweeting while watching the American Movie Awards, and posted the word "cornball" as rapper Jay-Z accepted his award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist.

Shortly after, Brown deleted the tweet, but news of his perceived insult had already spread. "Oh God! Now everyone thinking I'm callin' homie a cornball," Brown complained, in a later tweet. "I deleted it so y'all wouldn't blow it out of proportion. Relax." The statement that most likely prompted Brown's tweet was when, at the very end of Jay's acceptance speech, the extremely successful rapper conceitedly quipped, "Men lie, women lie ... numbers don't."

It has frequently been rumored that Chris Brown and Jay-Z have bad blood following Brown's brutal assault of Rihanna, who is often referred to as Jay-Z protege. Brown allegedly feels shunned by the superstar rapper after Jay-Z reportedly forced BET to cancel Brown's Michael Jackson tribute performance at the network's awards show in June.

Brown continued unconvincingly, "I said cornball to what was going on in my crib 'wit da homies.' They was freestyling. It sucked. Chill"

Brown wasn't the only artist turned off by Jay's comment. Queens rapper Q-Tip, who has worked with Jay in the past, tweeted, "Cocky rapper. Gee whiz ... we get it." Watch Jay's speech here.