Chris Brown may have been chased off Twitter after his most recent embarrassment/battle with comedian Jenny Johnson, but he is still busy posting photos from his Instagram account.

The "Forever" singer posted a photo of himself leaning over a series of doodles, in the middle of which is a large "X."

Along with the photo he wrote the caption "New album coming soon! 'X' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That's a lot of exclamation points, so Breezy must be pretty excited about his new project.

The album will follow up his release, Fortune, and his international Carpe Diem tour.


Let it also be noted that Brown's Instagram handle is "fuckyopictures" [sic] so he's keeping in line with his personal brand of profanity and immaturity on the account. Wonder if there will be any Rihanna collaborations on this record?