Chris BrownChris Brown ran into a little static when he stopped by a New York City shoe store. What started out as an "impromptu" appearance by the singer ended with him getting yelled at by an over-zealous bystander offering her opinion on his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was mobbed by a large group of admirers when the woman began to yell over the crowd, "F---ing beater! You belong in jail!" Undaunted Brown continued to smile and make his way through the crowd to his vehicle waiting outside of the store, but the woman wouldn't stop. "How does it feel? You feel like a man tough guy? P---- that's what you are! I hope someone beats the f---ing crap out of you!" TMZ captured the incident on camera. The video can be seen after the jump.

Following his February assault on Rihanna, Brown has done a handful of interviews expressing his remorse for the incident. His latest sit-down will air on the BET show 106 & Park today (Nov. 12). "The [assault]'s not something you could take lightly and not something you could push under the rug," he admitted. "It's a really serious situation and it's something that I regret. I wish I didn't do it."

After pleading guilty to felony assault Brown stuck a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to five years probation, six months of community labor and must complete a domestic violence class. Despite his legal obligations the Virginia native is also promoting his third album 'Graffiti,' which hits stores Dec. 8. He will also embark on a Fan Appreciation Tour kicking off in Houston, Texas on Nov. 14.