On Tuesday afternoon Chris Brown walked out of a Los Angeles court room, with five years of felony probation, 52 weeks of domestic-violence counseling and 180-days of community labor on his plate, after formal sentencing in the assault case against ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The judge's ruling seems to be only part one of Brown's repentance, however, as the R&B singer sat down with CNN's Larry King the following day for his first exclusive interview since the infamous February assault.

Save for his quick video post with Bow Wow back in May, where Brown declared to his fans, "I'm not a monster," and his public apology to his fans, the singer has remained relatively mum about both the incident and his relationship with Rihanna.

Now, post-sentencing Brown has finally made the decision to open up about the events that took place on the night of February 8 and the months following it. Brown sat down at CNN's Hollywood studio yesterday to film his interview and according to E! Online, the 20-year-old, who was accompanied by his mother Joyce Hawkins and his attorney Mark Geragos, made it a point to answer every question he was asked.

Hot topics during the interview will likely include Brown's probation report, which mentions previous incidents "related to domestic violence." One of the most recent cases cited occurred three months before his February arrest where both Brown and Rihanna were reported to have assaulted each other during a "verbal dispute" in Europe.

Chris Brown's Larry King interview will air on CNN, September 2.