Drake diss aside, Chris Brown is moving full steam ahead with his new album X. To that end, we have the video for "Fine China," the LP's first single.

When we spoke to Chris Brown, he told us his new record was going to be a throwback of sorts.

"The old school inspiration that I had growing up," he explained about the sonic approach. "Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder.... This album, honestly, I tried to stay away from anything I was listening to on the radio and I tried not to follow anybody's footsteps."

One look and listen to "Fine China," and that approach is evident. The video -- a narrative that finds him courting the daughter of one of the head's of an Asian Triad -- calls to mind videos of yore from Michael Jackson, in particular. "You Rock My World" and "Smooth Criminal" come to mind almost instantly.

And it's clear from the musical direction that he's moving away from the four-on-the-floor sounds of Euro-house -- at least temporarily -- for a more traditional R&B approach. A funk-infused bass line -- not unlike one you might hear on a Stevie Wonder song -- and electric piano chord progression drive the tune. It's a welcome change of pace.