Chris BrownChris Brown is mining the emotions of his relationship past -- and perhaps sending messages -- in his new music.

Although the 20-year-old hasn't stated his inspiration, there's a better-than-good chance that ex-girlfriend Rihanna is the "baby," "she" and "her" he's talking about in the newly leaked song 'So Cold.'

Once Brown got wind that the track found its way to the net, he took to Twitter to react. "OMG as you all know a song leaked from my album called 'So Cold,'" he wrote. "I'm a lil' upset but I pray my album doesn't leak. I'm still putting it on the album though. I don't care if it's leaked."

This song is suspiciously parallel to the status of his relationship with Rihanna, who he assaulted in February during an argument. He's singing about wanting a woman back and admitting that he did something wrong.

"Damn I want my baby back, it's so cold without her," Brown sings. "She's gone/ Now I'm all alone no one to hold on 'cause she was the only one and I know I was dead wrong."

As if that weren't proof enough that he's hurting, by the chorus Brown is in full-on begging mode: "Tell her I miss her/ tell her I need her/ tell her I want her ... I really want her ... to come back home ... back to keep me warm/ tell her I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, to forgive me, please forgive me, and come back home."

And it doesn't end there. "I don't know if she's coming home/ My luck's up/ I f---ed up/ Tell me what to do to get her back/ Back where her heart belongs/ Been gone from me too long."

Since their domestic altercation, the former lovebirds have gone their separate ways. Brown was slapped with five years probation, ordered to stay at least 50 yards from Rihanna, and must complete a 180-day community labor and a domestic violence class. Rihanna, meanwhile, has had rumored romantic involvements with everyone from Drake to Justin Timberlake.

Both Brown and Rihanna are working on new albums, with Brown's 'Graffitti' is due in stores later this year. Meanwhile, Rihanna announced via her Twitter page that "the wait is over" November 23. Although she has yet to officially reveal the album's title or release date she is said to be working with the likes of Timberlake, Ne-Yo and Akon on the set.