With the release of 'X' and his legal problems slowly subsiding, Chris Brown is slowing getting back on the right track. And for the first time, the rejuvenated Breezy sat down with Hot 97's 'Ebro in the Morning' to chat about everything from his past dramas and lawsuits to bringing more hip-hop into his music.

From tracks like 'Look at Me Now' and 'Till I Die' to being featured on remixes like Bobby Shmurda's 'Hot N----,' Chris has been spitting more verses than singing them these days. And Ebro wanted to get to the bottom of this transition, but the 'Loyal' artist admitted that this was something he's been doing since he was a kid but can only now actually do on his records.

"When I came out, I thought I was going to rap and sing," Chris told Ebro during his extensive interview on Hot 97 earlier today (Oct. 31). "But at that time it wasn't acceptable yet. So from there, I thought, 'You know what? I'm gonna just start rapping more.' I just started doing it on my mixtapes then rappers were like, 'Cool. Rap on this for me. Rap on that.' And it started to be more natural for me and more accepted from the crowd."

Another artist who's dabbled in both sides of hip-hop and R&B is Drake, Chris' former enemy. But as we saw at the ESPYs this year, the two have seemed to bury the hatchet. When asked if he would ever actually do a track with Drizzy, aside from the recent collaboration on Nicki Minaj's 'Only,' the singer said he'd be down.

And if they talked about Drake, of course, Rihanna had to come into the conversation. While it's been years since the assault and public fallout between the former couple, they are still a hot topic -- especially since Chris regularly goes to court regarding the incident. But despite what transpired back in 2009, he said that he and Rihanna are on good terms.

"It's over with," he said. "I don't have animosity about it. Obviously I have remorse about it, and something that's really serious... As far as the situation, me and her, you know, we've made amends. Like we good. She's my friend. So at the end of the day, I knew that was a mistake that I will never make again."

Chris also revealed that he didn't realize that things were good on Rihanna's end until she did an interview with Oprah. "I was actually moved by it," he said. "At the end of the day, that's when I knew we could be friends and talk."

If there's anything to take away from this interview it's that the crooner has certainly matured. He continues with therapy and is focused on his music, but there is one thing the 25-year-old is worried about these days. "I think my demons as of now are being afraid of failure," he said. "I think my only demon is the doubt in myself sometimes, but I think that also makes me great at the same time. Because if I doubt myself, I don't always just think everything I'm gonna do is going to be the best."

He continues on with talks about marriage, his relationship with Karrueche, Michael Jackson's influence and his passion for creating artwork. Check out the rest of the interview below.

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