As promised, Chris Brown's "comeback" single 'Deuces' has been reworked with verses from Drake, Kanye West and Andre 3000, and was released today. A year ago Brown begged his fans to stick by him while claiming his songs were being banned from radio, but now, after his memorable, emotional Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards, the singer has a chart-topping single, thanks to the 'Fan of a Fan' track.

While Drake keeps it gentle and pro-ladies, Kanye hits hard with his verse and spits: "You should make your own toilet tissue since you're the s---. But all you got is some f---in issues, you f---in bitch." Tyga and Kevin McCall are missing from the reworked version, which at some point was rumored to feature a verse from T.I. While Tip didn't make it on this remix, Brown recently revealed that another version featuring Rick Ross and Fabolous is coming soon.

You can check out the 'Deuces' remix here. Watch the video for the original version after the jump.

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