Chris Brown is going to new lengths to let the public (and possibly Rihanna) know that he's a changed man. The 20-year-old recently released a new song either reaching out to his former girlfriend or proving that he is a mastermind at generating publicity. Simply titled 'Changed Man,' the track is said to be the lead single of Brown's upcoming album.

"What you do when the truth isn't quite enough?/They looking at you telling you we need to break it up," Brown sings. "You need to choose what you do 'cause me and you in love/ But I'mma make it up to you and show the world I'm a changed man."

Similar to his song 'Not My Fault,' which found its way to the net a few months ago, the lyrics dance dangerously close to Brown's real life relationship troubles. "You mean that much to me/ I don't want to be done/I'm doing all that I can/ and everybody hates Chris/they could never understand.

"Baby this ain't over/it ain't over/I remember your touch/God I miss you so much/please believe me baby I'm sorry/and all of this money and fame could never amount to every morning when I see your face."

Brown's forthcoming album 'Graffiti,' is due in stores later this year. Check out 'Changed Man' here.