Chris Brown has never been shy about flaunting his dancing abilities and getting up close and personal with his fans in the process. During the kick-off of his F.A.M.E. tour in Toronto Monday night (Sept. 12), the R&B crooner gave a female fan a lap dance that caused audience members to scream and shout -- most likely due to jealousy that they weren't on the receiving end.

Performing as the headliner, with Tyga, Kelly Rowland and T-Pain joining him as openers, the 'Look At Me Now' creator moved through his sensual hit 'Take You Down,' off his sophomore album, 'Exclusive,' before he got down to business.

Dressed in a white button-down and black pants, the 22-year-old glided across the floor then jumped back to the lucky lady positioned on a bed. He proceeded to bump and grind while his lyrics played as the soundtrack to their risque behavior.

Watch Chris Brown Give a Fan a Lap Dance

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