Chris Brown teamed up with veteran dance music producer, Benny Benassi four years ago on “Beautiful People." Brown kind of blew our minds with the swift and unexpected move away from his bad boy/hip-hop persona, and he's back at it.

Brown and Benassi collaborate again on the new midtempo track “Paradise” just in time for the summer. Chris Brown's smooth R&B hook is paired with a feel-good, summertime groove. Benassi explained to Billboard, “Chris and I were working on this song for a while. We both always really loved it and believed in it and I am so glad it’s now out! It was amazing to get Chris on a bicycle for the video!”

Brown adds, "Benny and I have a history of making special music for the fans worldwide…'Paradise' is another collaboration that I believe the fans will love and embrace.”

It's nice to see the softer, laid-back side of Breezy. He got into a bit of controversy last week, after sharing his thoughts on Kehlani and her suicide attempt. But he can also play up his more affable side, which he does on the song and in the video.

Despite the lack of melanin in the new video, the official visual is an feel-good piece that evokes a sense of summer and California; with pretty sunsets and bikini-clad women bouncing up and down. And Benny and Chris seem to have a lighthearted good time, hanging on the pier and, yes, even riding bicycles. For a double-dose of dancing in the sun, watch the full music video above.