Bob "Chilly B" Crafton, one of the founding members of legendary '80s electro/rap group Newcleus, suffered a fatal stroke earlier this week. Tragically, the stroke left Crafton brain dead and comatose. A decision was made to take the rapper off life support on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Crafton was pronounced dead later that day. He was 47.

Before his death Crafton had been keeping busy, working on both a new album with Newcleus, as well as his own solo work and production. Newcleus is best known for their 1983 classic 'Jam On It' on which Crafton laid down the epic bass line and rapped. The multi-talented artist also played guitar on 'Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)' and synths on 'Computer Age (Push the Button).'

Though never a commercial success, Newcleus was hugely influential in both dance and rap music, inspiring a 2001 'Jam On It' cover by rapper Mos Def and recently producing a remix for New York disco group Holy Ghost!.

He leaves behind his wife Valerie and four sons. He will be missed.