TLC founder Chilli discussed making out with her "husband," the King of Pop. "Don't nobody talk about Mike...that is my husband," she said. "We kiss twice on the lips, thank you...The first time I met Michael Jackson we hugged. He was not going for the lips at first...he went here and I went like that, I got half the lips...The last time I was around him he grabbed my face and said, 'I know that face!'...He grabbed me and kissed me right on the lips...Y'all know I don't be kissing people like that but I woulda tongued him down...and I'm not easy girl, but I woulda been a sure thing." Niiiiice. [HipHopWired]

After threatening to "buttf--k" Kanye West, Lil B has made it clear that he is not gay, though he is down with the gay community. "I respect the gay community," he explained. "You can do whatever you want, you feel me? Like, gay people man, it's no problem man, cause it's all about pushin' love and, uh, positivity. And if you gay, man, that's more girls for me! You can take the guy butt, I'll take the girl butt! Heyyyy. You feel me? It's alright, man." Heyyyy. Kinda. [RapRadar]