After announcing his new mixtape, featuring Jaden Smith, in August, Childish Gambino debuts a new song from 'STN MTN / KAUAI,'  'Sober.'

With a consistent piano chord holding down the rhythm with a pulsing beat, Childish relies a lot on his falsetto to bring us a smooth R&B track and shows another side to the '3005' rapper. Unlike other rappers who start singing on their songs, it's pretty clear that Childish Gambino hasn't added any frills to his vocals to enhance them. Although it's been labeled on SoundCloud as a rough edit, it hardly sounds like that.

Referring to the object of his affection as "girl," you get a Michael Jackson vibe with this track, which finds him trying to get a certain lady to give him a chance.

"Girl what's your problem? / 'Cause I know it's hard sometimes / Baby just give it some time / Oh honey now girl, we can solve them / If you give me some time / I can open up your mind," he sings on the second verse.

If you're wondering why Childish doesn't showcase any rapping on this track, he recently told Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg that he's moving away from rap and heading towards the pop territory with his upcoming mixtape.

"It's a pop album essentially," he states. "We never wanted to make a rap album. I’ve talked about this before. Rap is done. Rap is done. I love hip-hop, I love rap, but the thing it was supposed to do it doesn’t do anymore. It’s not doing the social work it’s supposed to do anymore.”

Check out Childish Gambino's new sound below.

Listen to Childish Gambino's 'Sober'