Rappers are all about being comfortable everywhere they go. But of course, that means different things to different people. When Childish Gambino, a.k.a Donald Glover, stepped onto the 'Arsenio' set last night (Nov. 12), he looked like he just came back from the beach with his light colored shorts, worn out white T-shirt and top-siders.

Despite his casual wear and Indian-style sitting position during his entire segment, there's no denying his talent shining through. With Thundercat to provide the instrumental, Gambino debuted his latest track, 'Shadows' from Arsenio's couch. Even though his hunched over position might convey a nervous appearance, his rhymes showed confidence.

"Pop pills at the Coachella / Head in the weeds, man I can’t tell her / The fear that I feel it might kill her," he delivers.

Aside from the performance, Arsenio had the chance to chat with the rapper and actor. He set the record straight about his decision to leave the NBC hit comedy, 'Community' -- rumors swirled that it was due to his hip-hop career.

"No, I just wanted to do something else. That was it," he admitted. "I wish there were more to it and say something other than that. I just wanted to do other stuff."

He continued, "Well, that's the internet. You can put whatever you want on the Internet. People think I’m still Donald Glover’s son. But no one wants to just be a rapper. Rappers don’t wanna be a rappers. All the ones I know wanna be artists.”

Childish Gambino's sophomore LP, 'Because the Internet,' arrives Dec. 10 via Glassnote Records.