After his emotional notes on Instagram, Childish Gambino (real name Donald Glover) continues to show that he might be just be a little left of center. The rapper-actor unveiled the cover art for his second effort, 'Because the Internet,' and it’s unique to say the least.

The artwork is a photo of Gambino sporting a Hawaiian shirt, which may be a nod to early '90s fashion rather than an affinity for the island. However, if you stare at the image long enough, you will see the rhymer morph into animated black blob for a quick second.

What does it mean? We have no idea, but it does make us stare at the cover for a couple of minutes trying to figure it out. This is surely a creative visual presentation.

The tracklisting for 'Because the Internet' hasn’t been released yet, but Gambino has been dropping a few songs from the collection, including '3005,' 'Worldstar' and most recently, 'Melrose.' You can also find him in bed with Jhene Aiko in her 'Bed Peace' video. Lucky guy.

If you follow him on Twitter, he’s been revealing where he'll stream the album live for fans. He’s already hit New York, Philadelphia and London.

Childish Gambino’s 'Because the Internet' will arrive in stores Dec. 10.