Life's a beach for Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper. The two hit the beach for their new video 'The Worst Guys.'

Rocking wetsuits while surfing and playing on the beach, the song is from Gambino's forthcoming 'Because The Internet' which drops Dec. 10.

The actor/rapper explained the album's title was inspired by singer Beck. He told Time, "I was working with Beck, and he asked me a question about whether rappers talk to each other and I started off the answer by saying, ‘I don’t like starting answers with this, but because the Internet…’ and he said, ‘You should name your album that.’" Gambino continued, "It started as a joke and the more we talked about it the more it was like, it actually makes sense. It’s weird to me that there’s not a similar title [out there already], because the Internet is everything. These words will end up on the Internet, somewhere, somehow. Everything we do is put into information online so I thought it was appropriate for the times."