Chief Keef made headlines when he was dropped from his label on Tuesday (Oct. 21) after two years under the Interscope Records umbrella. While fans may have been shocked at the news since Interscope released his 2012 debut album, ‘Finally Rich,’ and were pegged to release his follow-up ‘Back From the Dead 2’ in October, the Chi-town rapper claims he washed his hands of the imprint before they bid farewell to him.

The candid rapper took to Twitter to share with his fans how his relationship with the label has been on the outs since Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre parted ways with Interscope. captured the tweets, which have since been deleted.

"100% of everything goes to me now. Jimmy it was cool splitting it with U But u gave yo spot up!" the Chicago native wrote. "Laughing because to me I been Dropped. mfs ain’t help me Pay no Mf Bills. When Jimmy n Dre left that’s when I said f--- Interscope! Big D--- style. That’s what I signed up for not this new staff! Of WhiteHonkies!”

However, Sosa is not letting his new indie status stop him from his grind. "So f---ing happy I ain't wit That s--- Nomore!" he tweeted before continuing his campaign for ‘Back From the Dead 2,’ which he still plans on dropping on Oct. 31. The mixtape is led by his latest single ‘Now & Later’ featuring Tyga.

Listen to Chief Keef's 'Now & Later' Feat. Tyga