Chief Keef has run into trouble with the law once again. He's headed back to jail due to a probation violation.

The Cook County sheriff's office in Chicago revealed the news, DNA Info reports. Although it's not certain exactly how he violated probation, the Chicago native informed his fans about his return to prison earlier today by posting a photo with the news on Instagram. "Judge Putting me Back in jail See ya'll later," he wrote in the image, punctuated with farewell emojis.

Obeying parole hasn't been one of Chief Keef's strong suits. The rapper, born Keith Cozart, was arrested and jailed for 60 days earlier this year for violating probation by appearing in the infamous Pitchfork video, which was shot in a gun range. Then, just last month, the rapper was jailed for eight days after testing positive for marijuana. His other arrests include going 55 mph over the speed limit and pointing a gun at a police officer in 2011.

The 18-year-old delivered a new mixtape, 'Almighty So,' on Oct. 12, three days before his eight-day prison stint. The rhymer's next tape, 'Bang 3,' is on its way. Recently, he was seen musing over possible artwork for the project in a photo on Instagram.