Chicago rapper Cdai has been sentenced to 38 years in prison after being found guilty for first-degree murder.

The 21-year-old rhymer received the bad news on Monday (May 9) alongside another local rapper RondoNumbaNine, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

Cdai, whose real name is Courtney Early, was on trial for the 2014 murder of a jitney cab driver, Javan Boyd. According to prosecutors, two gunmen walked up to Boyd, who was waiting for a passenger in Chi-Town around 4AM, in February 2014. The two proceeded to fire multiple shots into the car.

Not only was the incident caught by nearby surveillance cameras, prosecutors say Cdai left a fingerprint on Boyd’s car and dropped his cell phone near the scene of the crime. RondoNumbaNine, whose government name is Clint Massey, was identified by eyewitnesses. He was merely 17 years old when he was arrested and charged with murder weeks after the incident in March 2014 and will receive his sentence in the next few weeks.

The entire situation is certainly tragic. Boyd, who was working to support his 11-year-old daughter, was later pronounced dead at the hospital. On the other hand, we'll never know whether Cdai or RondoNumbaNine would have ever made a name for themselves. It's unlikely now since they'll be behind bars serving a lengthy prison sentence.

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