Singer Cheri Coke has a familiar face and sound. The singer has a new name but she's still got the same pipes she displayed under the former moniker Cheri Dennis. Once a Bad Bay Records signee, the Cleveland native is on to greener pastures with producer Melo-X.

The duo are set to release their new EP, X/Coke, due June 19. One of the tracks off the effort, "The Interlude," is a mellow groove that finds Cheri Coke cooing about chasing melodies and turning the object of her affection on with a chorus.

"I wish you were a full song, tour melody keeps me turned on/ And if you had more time, I'd show you my chorus, baby," she sings.

Cheri Coke and Melo-X have previously released "The Garden of Eden" off X/Coke.

Listen to Cheri Coke's "The Interlude"

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