Super gangster and former Foxy Brown manager Chaz Williams made an appearance on Angela Yee and Leah Rose's Shade 45 show Lip Service on Monday night. He spoke about Foxy's take on her recent street album 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' (she says she was "riddled with grief over an album that was seemingly so carelessly orchestrated"), "Tell you the truth, and this is real, I didn't listen to the album...I don't even have it."

Chaz had a warning for Foxy as well. "I just want you to times of peace you prepare for war. And you better bet I'm prepared, so I will advise,as a cautionary measure, a caveat- don't do it." Remember this is the guy that...well we can't talk about all of it, but he was accused of over 60 bank robberies, so that's a start.

Listen to the interview.