Chase N. Cashe and Smoke DZA have been carving out nice little careers from themselves in their respective regions (Chase reps New Orleans while Smoke hails from Harlem). The two also make up the R.F.C. clique alongside Al Doe, NymLo, Den10, 183rd and Mookie Jones.

But on 'Act a Fool,' Heir Wave and the Kush God take command over some quintessentially crashing production from Cardiak (the man behind Wale's '600 Benz,' Rick Ross' 'Amsterdam' and T.I.s 'G Season,' among others). With references to weed, molly and luxury cars, the message here is clear: when these two pull up, you're damn right they're gonna act a fool.

Allow this braggadocios banger to warm you up for Chase and DZA's joint performance at New York's Santos Party House tonight.