Young Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton, who we featured as a Top Prospect last year, has raised the ire of yet another element of the hip-hop community, by naming the late, great producer/rapper J Dilla as executive producer of his forthcoming album.

Although Hamilton never met Dilla, he believes the revered artist guided him in recording his album 'The Perfect Life,' saying, "I believe in the paranormal. My thing is there was a certain sound I was looking for and hoping for, and dare I say most people can believe me if they want to, but post life, J Dilla guided me through the mastering process."

Hamilton also stated that, out of gratitude for what Dilla's spirit brought to his album, he will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to the producer's family.

"I know Ma Dukes Yancey has been suffering financially for some time," Hamilton explained. "And helping give finances to the Yancey Estate... now the relationship that I have is irrelevant because most people haven't given a dime, because if they have she wouldn't be in the position she's in."

The young Sonic the Hedgehog enthusiast has angered many with his antics, whether attempting to battle (and then losing to) veteran MC's Rhymefest and Sirius Jones, or insulting his assistant/ex-girlfriend (and getting duffed in the chin for it). This time , however, he has upset friends of Dilla's and members of the Detroit community who might not take his shenanigans so lightly.

"I like Charles a lot," said Detroit rapper Royce da 5'9" in a recent interview about the debacle. "I think he definitely is still at that age where he just says things, and that's where he needs to grow out of just saying stuff. I don't think a lot of people understand Detroit is a whole other world and we don't like you talking about our people and the people that are enforcing these things are n----- that will kill you. So you know I got that situation under control. I know who to call to make sure that nothing serious will happen to him, but he's definitely playing with fire. Know what I'm saying. Dilla and Proof n------ are very really sensitive about those two deaths."

Charles Hamilton's 'The Perfect Life' will be in stores on June 23, according to the eccentric young MC.