Fresh off his stint in a mental hospital, rapper Charles Hamilton reveled that he is now confined to a wheelchair.

"The reason I'm in a wheelchair is because I have sharp pains since I was in the hospital and a lil bit before," he told XXL Magazine. "I have sharp pains when I'm walking and literally I want to collapse but I can't I have to continue to walk. So my right leg has been acting kinda funny. I still have a lil' mobility, I can still stand up in the booth ... but I'd rather the mobility of my legs be jeopardized than my musicality be jeopardized at any given point of time." Hamilton then dove into a 27-minute freestyle which you can view after the jump.

The youngter, who was once surrounded with plentiful music buzz fell from grace before releasing his debut album. Hamilton was dropped from his label, Interscope Records, and has been exhibiting erratic behavior ever since. In July, Hamilton checked himself into New York Presbyterian Mental Hospital before being transferred to Long Beach Medical Center in California. He likened the experience to being in the music industry. "My stay here is like identical to my stay in the industry, as far as being the new guy in here having to deal with politics and people trying to control you."

The growing list of odd behavioral moves from Hamilton include writing an open thank you letter to Eminem and claiming to be the founding member of the group Slaughterhouse, of which he was never publicly a member. Only time will tell whether or not Hamilton's career is salvageable, but he clearly has more personal issues to tend to.

Charles Hamilton 27 Minute XXL Freestyle from XXL Video on Vimeo.