Charles HamiltonRapper Charles Hamilton put his time out of the spotlight to good use, as word is the young emcee will be dropping six mixtapes. The first release in the series is called, 'Well This Isn't Awkward (Winner Takes All).'

Hamilton took to his newly launched blog to drop details of his massive musical undertaking, as well as a link to download the first mixtape. "I feel bad," he wrote, "Why would I go so far as fall into my depression, when I can tell y'all why I'm half bugging? And sorry to scare any young people who listen to me. I just been in a very different mind space. So as a gift to the graduating class of 2010, here is... 'Well This Isn't Awkward (Winner Takes All).''' Containing 13 tracks, the mixtape includes interesting titles like 'The Bachelor Finale,' 'Good Guy Goes Off (Diss Or Cry?),' and 'Media Take Out (Incision)' after the popular celebrity blog that has been known to rub a few of its subjects the wrong way.

In the past two years Hamilton's career has taken a stark 180 degree turn. Once signed to Interscope Records, the Harlem resident was hailed as one of the next big young rappers in the game. He dropped off the map only to re-emerge exhibiting questionable behavior. Many of his news grabbing stunts include getting slapped in the face by his then girlfriend on camera (and subsequently enrolling in counseling) and penning an awkward 1,000 word letter to Eminem thanking him for his inspiration. We'll just have to wait and see where this move takes him, but it looks like its leading his fans back in the direction of his music versus his antics, which is a good thing.